Friday, October 11, 2013

Edge Work

 The last star I needed to hook was giving me lots of problems. It was too close to the edge.

 I decided to try and sew an extender so I could still use my hoop. It worked a bit but the fraying of the burlap presented a problem even though I had stay stitched it earlier.

 I ended up using a combination of sewn areas and safety pins.

I am still using a medium sized quilting hoop which works pretty well. It would have worked great if I had just had the sense to cut the material the right size in the first place.

Good golly...these crazy corners are not going to be fun.


  1. Despite your troubles, this is looking awesome - love the curlies coming out of the stars

  2. But I LOVE it each time you show us it coming along. I LOVE the rustic look and bright colors.... go go go