Thursday, October 10, 2013

Dang It

 I almost forgot to post today. I have been posting everyday for almost three years now and I almost ruined my daily streak. What happened was this: today is Daddio's 84th birthday and I meant to write a post all about what he's been doing but since the last two weeks have been pretty terrible to say the least, nothing has been going on over at his house but me blubbing like a baby over Dear Old Doggie while he blubbs about missing Mom. Not much of a post there. Nothing much to see except piles of wet kleenex. 
In spite of it all, he did have a good birthday-breakfast at the pancake house with a friend, a visit from a granddaughter and a great grandson. Middle Sister even brought him dinner and I'm sure Little Sister gave him a call. Tomorrow I'll be going over to bring him my meager offerings and get him back on track with this sewing thing. Broken hearts or not-we've got things that need finishing.


  1. I was wondering where you were.....I've gotten so use to your daily posts. Missed Yorkie syndrome is a hard one to get past. I struggled terribly with it. Still miss that little guy. You just might have to break down and do what I did.....:-) Yorkie puppies are soooooo much fun!!! :-) Louie has helped me get through some pretty lonesome times after Eli passed.