Sunday, October 27, 2013

Pillow Talk

It all started with the curtainless window in my upstairs craft room. I needed material so I took myself off to Ikea for the day.

After a great deal of careful consideration I decided on this material. Even before I got out of the store I had decided I had made a bad choice. It was too heavy and too dark-but it would make nice pillows....

...and I had a giant pile of pillows that needed covers and a ratty old sofa that needed a disguise.

Daughter helped me pick out more material on a second trip back to you know where.

I also had an extra pair of curtains that matched the ones I like to hang in the living area in the cooler months. I experimented with making pillow covers using them first.

To my surprise, it worked. I had watched a few You Tube videos on making simple covers before I started and it was as easy as they made it look.

I made it even easier by using the selvedge instead of sewing hems on the pocket areas. Who would know?

 In no time at all I had an assembly line going.

In less that three hours I had seven new pillows in the living area...

 ..and a big new squishy one on the bed that matches my new duvet set. I'll never buy an already made pillow cover again.


  1. Im jealous. I LOVE pillows and new covers. Yours are amazing. I don't sew...yet

  2. Lovely! I did something similar - I made beige cushion covers for my couch. Then I got a beige slip cover for the couch and now the cushions blend too much! I have to make new covers now!

  3. fantastic and they all look squishy and comfy.

  4. Good work, a great set of materials - they really brighten things up.