Friday, May 13, 2011

Fun In the Sun

We have had a run of really good weather so I took my little drum carder outside to play with some of the bazillion bags of fiber I own. Those center pull bumps are stuck in my brain and I thought that maybe I could make a center pull batt.

Right about now I am thinking that I just wasted a morning and a lot of pretty fiber.

After rolling it, it didn't look too bad.

I unrolled it, then folded it in half and rolled it up again then tied it around the middle.

I dug around in the center and pulled out the end until I had enough out to start spinning.

I found I could pull quite a lot out at a time but it was too hard to spin with the length still connected so I broke it off making sure I had some still sticking out of the batt so I could pull out more when needed. So far it has been working fairly well but only time will tell how far I can keep going like this.


  1. was going to say how much I liked the spindle with the sheep the blogger stole the post :-(

  2. They sure did. I am NOT HAPPY since I can't replace it.