Thursday, May 12, 2011

Post Fest Knit Night:The Rewrite

Blogger lost my original post and all of my photos in their big crash last week. I was very unhappy about it until my son reminded me that the photos were probably still in the trash. As you can see he was right.
I can't remember what I originally wrote about these photos, but I do recall it being a rather celebratory night with lots of beer.

We had a new knitter show up. It was someone we met at the Festival who happens to live near our cafe. Small world.

The only finished object to show off was this cute little bootie.

Our assignment this week was to bring the loot we had gathered at the Sheep and Wool Fest so we could all ooh and aah over it.

There was a lot to see.... scarf kits to felt... spindles to spin...

...lots and lots of yarn...

...silky yarn...

...sock yarn...

...yarn from Pucker Brush Farms, one of my favorite booths to visit every year.

I also caught the moment where a new spinner discovered why her new toy was called a "drop" spindle.

I had loads of fun as usual but just found out that I will miss out on next week due to dear old Daddio's back surgery. Try not to have too much fun without me ladies. I'll be back as soon as I can, hopefully with some finished objects to share.

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