Monday, May 9, 2011

MD Sheep and Wool Part Two

We went backwards this year. We began in the main exhibit hall so I could get my spindles and then worked our way back up the hill. One of my favorite places up there is the auction tent. It is usually filled with creaky old thingamajigs that I could never imagine anyone ever bidding on. This year it was filled with nearly new spinning wheels. They were everywhere. There was still a lot of goofy stuff, but it was a definite step up in quality from years past.

We then made a detour through the animal barns as we sidetracked to the front just in time for some judging. I fell in love with these two beautiful Jacobs. I am not sure how they did in the competition but they got my vote for the critters I'd most like to stick in the trunk and bring home with me.

Once we got back up to the main entrance, I started to panic. I knew the family was tired and wanted to go home, but I still had $12 left and I wanted some fiber to spin in the car. I needed something colorful, but not with lots of color changes. I found what I was looking for at Misty Mountain Farms. I actually found too much of what I was looking for, because I couldn't decide on a color. I spent a ridiculous amount of time trying to make up my mind. The problem is that I have finally reached the saturation point-I already own too much fiber in every color possible. I didn't need anymore, I just wanted more. I settled on an intense, overdyed purple colorway called Princess Kate.

Shopping done, I limped back to the car and then waved a sad goodbye to the fairgrounds as we sped by on Rt.70.

Then I took out Princess Kate and one of my new spindles and began work on my 2012 shawl.
Some years on that long car ride home, I don't feel "done" and then I have to return on Sunday to get it out of my system. This year although my stash enhancement was significantly smaller than year's past, I am done. D.O.N.E. Go ahead and stick a fork in me. You won't see me back again until next year. 365 days and counting....

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