Tuesday, May 10, 2011

2011 MD Sheep and Wool Festival:The Stuff

I've been posting about the festival for 2 days now and have yet to get to the really important stuff. I don't go there to eat, socialize or be entertained. I go there to SHOP. I have an idea of what I want and then I walk my legs off until I find it. Most of the time. Sometimes I just do things because I get caught up in the moment. That is how I ended up with 2 more giant bags of fleece. You get in the little fleece area where everyone is eyeballing everything you are considering and the next thing you know you are in line with it so no one else will get it. That is 12 pounds of beautiful Corriedale and almost 3 pounds of lovely Jacob stuffed into the back of the car. It smelled wonderful all the way home.

I came home with very little of anything else because I went so hog wild in the fleece department.

I got my two featherweights from the lovely Bosworths.

Daughter bought me a beautiful bag of Merino from Pucker Brush Farms for my Mother's Day gift.

I picked up this copper colored BFL for a shawl to be. I thought it might be The One for 2012, but then Princess Kate came along.

Princess Kate from Misty Mountain Farm is the most intensely over-dyed purple BFL I have ever seen. It glows.

Daughter also bought me a cute little sheep ornament from a booth that sells traditional rug hooking materials.
What I didn't get were buttons or any sock yarn this year, but truth be told, both the buttons and sock yarn I stood in line for last year are still sitting here untouched. I only have two hands.

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