Saturday, May 21, 2011


Taking your knitting apart is called "tinking" but what do you call it when you have to take out all the rows you just wove? I used a varigated yarn for the weft that I am just not loving with the plaidish warp.

I am using cheap a** yarn, leftover from all the cheap a** Fake Isle hats that I was obsessed with this winter. I bought tons of this stuff in lots of colors so now need a way to use it up as the hat obsession is over-for now. I am going to try and make a larger throw type-thingy by sewing the woven panels together.

A Ravelry buddy suggested this book and I have found lots of inspiration and some of the answers I have been looking for in it.

I love the spiral bound format. It has many, many great project ideas plus lots of tutorials on techniques that I didn't even know existed. It is all still like reading Greek to me, but everyone has to start somewhere.


  1. It's a great book! I used some cheap a** yarn for my first project from that book, too. It was leftovers without ballbands and mixed wool and acrylic. But it was still awesome!

    Glad you're enjoying it, too.

    In theory, the Rigid Heddle group on Ravelry is working through the chapters, but mostly it's just people sharing projects inspired by the book no matter what chapter they're in.

  2. I spent all night looking at the projects in that group. I am in total awe!!!