Thursday, May 5, 2011

Finally Another Knit Night

It's been three whole weeks since our last meeting. Two weeks were missed because of spring break and last week, believe it or not, because of tornadoes. We began Show and Tell with some purchases made during a very lucky someone's North Carolina vacation.

The cup and the spectacular Mango Moon silk ribbon came from Knitting Addiction in Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina. Imagine owning a yarn shop AND living in the Outer Banks? Who gets that lucky?

The Mango Moon is being knit into a fancy bag for an upcoming wedding. I was trying to use "sow's ear" and "silk purse" in a joke here but I drew a blank.

During the work session part of the evening, we had a lot of drama surrounding these socks. First let me say that my camera refuses to acknowledge their true color which is more beige and blue. The lighting in our little cafe is horrible and my flash has got to be the world's worst so sometimes I just have to give up and let the little camera have it's way.

The first sock was behaving very nicely, but the second sock kept having some missed stitch and direction issues. I have to say that the knitter of these socks is the tightest knitter I have ever met so these adorable little socks will probably wear like iron. I helped her tink back a few stitches and I couldn't feel my fingers for an hour. Not really, but it is interesting to experience someone else's gauge.

Miss Prodigy showed up with some extreme needles and a tablecloth she found in a thrift store. She is going to make strips out of the cloth and knit it into a chair pad. There was a lot of discussion about how best to avoid fraying ends. We sent her to locate a pair of pinking shears.

Before we left on break, Miss Prodigy was struggling (with no help from me) with the shawl with the peculiar name, Gail aka Nightsong. Tonight, she got a little lesson on how to count lace rows and how to shift stitch markers. She was very excited about my little Leaf and Ripple shawl that I brought in to show off and I am pretty sure that this fired her up to get her own shawl started-again. Her Gail was abandoned in favor of the Swallowtail. Thank goodness, that is a shawl I can help her with.

I was impressed that she took lots of notes tonight. The secret to her rapid progress has always been her keen organizational skills and self discipline. Neither of which I possess in any great quantity.

She brought her Turkish spindle tonight. That is some BLF superwash that I gave her as a gift last year. I have no idea where I got it and the stash doesn't miss it one bit.

She already spins frog hair but announced tonight that she thought she was spinning even thinner with the BFL. Of course she does. Sigh.

I brought my Gail to work on. I have spent so much time trying to figure out this *#!&* pattern that I am determined to get one finished even though Miss Prodigy has given up on hers-for now. When I showed her the Unchart I am using, she looked very interested. To see a beautiful Gail by the Unchart creator look here on her blog and prepare to be seriously wowed.

I also got a few rows on the front of my Modern Lodge Pullover. Yes, I am wearing a sweater AND wool socks, for that matter. It IS May, but it is COLD. It may even go down into the 30's tonight. The Sheep and Wool Fest is only 2 days away (!!!!!), so everyone is hoping this cool spell will stay around a wee bit longer.

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