Monday, January 10, 2011

Taking Shape

The felted clog pattern is a real head scratcher and then suddenly it all makes sense when you see a foot start to emerge. I had to do a lot of counting and placing markers to keep my sense of where I was in the pattern but it is certainly worthwhile when you see it all take shape as if by magic. It is a fascinating pattern. Lets hope I get some fascinating clogs out of all this work.


  1. what yarn are you using? can't wait to see them! I'd like to make a pair but not sure if I can felt them in my machine. I have one of the new-fangled top-loaders with no agitator.

  2. I am using Paton's Classic Wool for this pair and I have some Wool of the Andes for the next pair. I do my felting in the bathtub. Seriously. I get in and have a splash fest. It takes a while but it's fun. I do rinse the felted thing pretty well afterwards so there is no danger of cooties! :)

  3. hahaha! I cannot wait to see how these turn out for you...then I might consider making a pair for myself.