Saturday, January 15, 2011

Adventures in Felting

I finally got both clogs done but as you can see the right "bumper" on the sole is larger than the other. I have no idea how that happened but I should have fixed it before felting.

On a cold winter night I had fun sloshing in the tub agitating the clogs. It was a great workout.

After about 45 minutes they started to really shape up.

One of them made me very happy. The other one did not.

Before stuffing them and leaving them to dry for a few days, I gave the one on the right an extra 15 minutes of sloshing hoping to get that big bumper shrunk down with no luck. My next pair will be bumperless.
You can see in this photo how fuzzy the slippers became. That left a ton of wool in the tub. I use a bucket to bail the water out into the toilet in order to avoid clogs in the drain. Get it? Clogs? In the drain? Sorry.


  1. Not going to lie the bath tub picture - um eww.
    The clogs ADORABLE, where are mine?

  2. You made a funny! They are really cute. As Summerilla said "Where are mine?"

  3. Dad said the same thing. He wants a pair too. First I have to let these dry and see if they are really wearable. If they are, I promise to knit a pair for anyone that wants them if you promise to do your own felting! That way you can get them to fit. Except Dad of course.