Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Knowing When to Say When

I am making good on my resolution to get old projects finished. The Cormo cowl that I have been working on since early fall is getting close. I think. The pattern for the Flared Smoke Ring says to knit for 18 inches but that is a lot of cowl for a little neck. Every time I finish a 8 row repeat I say I am done but then I can't bring myself to bind off quite yet. I guess I'll keep going until I run out of my handspun. That will make me stop for sure. I'm not washing anymore Cormo in the dead of winter. It's too dang cold to be fooling around with wet wool.

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  1. I try really hard to have just one project on the go at any time but there half a shawl in merino and silk that is just sitting there, managed the first chart ok but couldn't make the next one work so its sitting there ready to be frogged back to the life line...again!