Saturday, January 1, 2011

Bye Bye 2010

Norwegian Sweater
Daughter's Norwegian Sweater

I intended to make a mosaic of all my accomplishments of 2010 but I couldn't find many. Lots of socks and not much else.

Crocheted Afghan
Crocheted Hexagon Afghan

Instead I put together a post that shows what I need to finish up in 2011.

Color Comparison 2
Homespun Crepidula Vest

I haven't lost interest in any of these things. I just got sidetracked.

CLC with Sleeves!
Classic Lines Cardigan

They also got hidden from view when the threat of holiday visitors made me turn my wooly workshop into a real house.

 Cormo Flared Smoke Ring
Homespun Flared Smoke Ring

If I don't get a move on finishing some of these things, the season will pass me by and they will get packed up into never, never-wear land. Safe from moths but out of sight and out of mind.

Print O'the Wave Shawl

Some things must be done on time in order to have any meaning at all.

2nd Strip on Mosaic Afghan
Mosaic Sampler Afghan

While some things will be worked on for years to come.

Crest of the Wave Tank Top
Crest of the Wave Tank Top

Some warm weather knits that were started last summer still need finishing even if I think it is NOT going to fit me.

Dale of Norway's Lillehammer

Some very complicated things need to be faced head on no matter how afraid I am of messing it all up at the finish line.

Flower Garden Quilt Progress
English Paper Pieced Quilt Top

It's also not just about the woolies. I have something else that also needs a little attention.

It's pretty clear what this year's resolution needs to be: Don't start what you can't finish and finish what you start!

Happy New Year!

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