Sunday, June 20, 2010


My kids completely blindsided me yesterday with a retirement gift that leaves me almost speechless.

I don't have to tell anyone what the enormous box contains. It is happily all too obvious.

Thank you just doesn't say enough, does it?


  1. They seemed to have put a lot of thought in to not only your gift but also with the planning to surprise you with it. It's nice as a mom when you realize they really do love you.

    Good Job - N, Z & S!

  2. ohh wow, they certainly thought about this one, what a lovely gift ( and so useful)

  3. You do have wonderful children, don't you! LOVE YOU MOM!

  4. I do have great kids. I LOVE this thing!!! It's almost making up for the fact they all grew up and moved away. I'm still not real happy about that!