Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Keeping in Touch

Tomorrow is my last day at work EVER. I am NOT going to miss being a teacher but I am going to miss all my teacher friends. So that they may get a hold of me in case of any knitting emergency, I had some cards printed up using Zazzle and Moo.

The Moo cards were made from my very own Flicker photos. On the back is all of my contact info. They were easy and fun to make.

The Zazzle cards were not so fun to make. You choose from a stock photo, which I loved, but getting the printing right was difficult. I was VERY disappointed with the results. Even with my glasses on I can't read the tiny contact info. I tried to go back and redo the card with a much larger font, but gave up in frustration. The editing was just too complicated a process for me.

I am sure going to miss my little lunch time knitting circle. Ladies, keep in touch!

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