Tuesday, June 22, 2010

More on the Bug

In addition to the little ladybug, I also have a flock of sheep watching over my new wheel. You can also see the black poly drive band that I think is so cool. What is not so cool is all this talk about ratios and whorl speeds. I have been avoiding the fact that I have no idea what all this means but now, I'm afraid I may just have to figure this out. My head hurts already.

In spite of the fact that I really have no idea how this spinning stuff actually works, I managed to spin this little bit of white stuff. The red stuff came on the bobbin along with a whole bunch of already spun white stuff. I replaced the already spun white stuff with my own white stuff just to make sure everything was in working in order. It is.


  1. Congratulations! (A little late, I know, but still!)

    I rented a Ladybug for a month and just adored it. I really thought I'd eventually be buying a Matchless. Things came out differently, tho ;)

    I hope you get plenty of time in your day to enjoy your spinning.

  2. My other wheels are held together with bungee cords so having something new is a bit intimidating. I need to get over the idol worship and use the darn thing!