Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Law and Order

Now that I am officially fixed-income-P.O.O.R., I won't be seeing much stuff like this showing up in the mailbox anymore. This was my very last treat for probably a long while so I am happy it was a good one.

Sometimes when I order 4 ounces of some pretty little fluff, I am disappointed by the tiny braid that arrives. When this bag of "Felony" superwash Merino arrived from Micamynx, I was astonished by how much was there. True, it is 4.3 ounces but seriously, this is a LOT of fiber for the money.

It is also gorgeous. It puts my latest attempt at dyeing to shame.
I was also really intrigued by her Etsy profile.
In her own words:

In case you are wondering about the fiber colorway names...I am a criminal defense attorney by day, but as soon as I shuck the suit & stiletto heels, I play with fiber. I merge the two worlds by naming yarns/fibers after criminal defense terms. It could be worse, civil law terms are exceedingly boring!

Goodness gracious. I am really impressed.

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