Saturday, June 27, 2009

That's All There Is Folks

That tiny strand of green is all that is left of the handspun I made for this scarf.
Talk about cutting it close. I was sweating out the last repeat while reminding myself that I still needed some yarn for the bind off.

Here she is blocking and those colors are

I'm hoping that come the cruel, gray dead of winter these tropical hues will be a welcome sight.

I know I owe a lot to this silly little scarf as she kept me company during some very dark hours as I worked my way through a mountain of grief.


  1. I love those colors. I thought about how nice seeing those colors on a cold rainy winter morning would be for someones psychie and then I read what your wrote. I guess great minds think alike.

  2. I said that but now I am in the kitchen dyeing that bright red sweater I made last year into something dull so I can actually wear it. Since I learned how to over dye stuff, nothing is safe!