Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Surf Scarf Number Two

Daughter's Morning Surf Scarf is done. I used my new blocking wires for the first time to straighten it out and to try to convince a few extra inches out of it since I had so little fiber to work with. It's barely a scarf's length so I am afraid Little Miss Picky is not going to like it. I have the fiber for Surf Scarf #2 still on the bobbin so I have a back up plan already in action but I am starting to wonder if it would just be easier to give her mine and call it a day. I have too many other things lined up to work on so making the same scarf over and over is starting to seem a bit crazy.


  1. Funny boy. How does a big shot attorney like you have time for knitting blogs? Humm?

  2. I just saw this scarf on your daughter's blog and it's quite lovely. You do beautiful work. And that's the perfect name for it: Surf Scarf. So well done!