Monday, June 22, 2009

Finishing School 2009

Being my first official day of summer vacation (weekends don't count), I pulled out all my projects in need of attention. I like to finish things when I have a somewhat clear head so that usually means I have to wait for a few days alone which only happens in the summer. On the table is:
My Palette Cardi which needs the front steek cut and the front bands put on
My Central Park Hoodie which needs to be sewn together and the front bands put on
My Beaded Nano Bag which is only about 4 inches since I keep frogging it for size issues
My Montavilla Market Bag which needs weaving
My Chevron Socks which need the ends woven in
My Rustic Socks ditto
And finally my Yes, It's Another Surf Scarf which is about halfway there

I have about 8 hours until the mister shows back up. I better stop playing with this computer and get moving.

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