Friday, June 26, 2009

Rescue Mission

That pile of knit rubbish ended up being a cat toy.
But first it began as the fronts and sleeves of my ginourmous Palette Cardi.
After working the neckbands, I realized there was NO WAY in HELL that this thing would ever fit. If you can steek the front, why not the huge arms?

I used the crochet method and then snipped away the extra fabric. Yes, it was very scary. A year and half of work could have ended up in the garbage.

I seamed the edges together using each individual color.

And as you can see, it was all worthwhile as I have a much better fit. You can see the difference in the sleeves here. On the right is the old sleeve, on the left is the new. I also took about 3 inches off each front band and sewed the neck line up about 3 more inches on each side.

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