Friday, June 5, 2009

She Likes It! She Really Likes It!

Here is Daughter modeling her new surf scarf. I am pleased that she liked it but a wee bit disappointed at the same time. I had kinda hoped it would be a reject as I have grown quite fond of it myself. That Finn top was really lovely to spin and the way the different greens blend into each other is quite spectacular. It reminded me of the inside of an almost ripe avocado which made me yearn for guacamole whenever I worked on it. I have the singles for her second one ready to be plied. Maybe she will consider another trade.


  1. NO! You have stolen one too many scarfs of mine! This one is a keeper - it has summerilla written all over it. And I'm looking forward to receiving my other one too since it will slightly resemble the last one you snatched away! :)