Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Summer of the Sock Blank

Things are moving along much faster in this second go round. I am already well on my way to the heel although I have to confess that the leg down Magic Loop cast on is still a huge head banger. I had a false start when I used the long tail method only to realize the colors on the two socks would not match up as there is no easy way to guarantee that you are using the same exact amount to cast on so it was a quick rip, rip and start again. Dyeing this second blank was quite a task as it is in a tubular shape so it was like painting in 3D. I stuck my hand in it and rolled in around to turn the corners and even pulled it apart between my fingers to let the dyes soak in better. I used a combo of Kool Aid and food coloring with LOTS of vinegar. I bought some black food coloring at $4 a bottle and was disappointed that the stuff turned brown after steaming. I am loving the color on the socks though as there is much less white peeking through than on my first pair. I DID remember to soak the thing this time and it made a huge difference in the saturation of the color. It is amazing how the blank and the socks turn out to be so different in both color and pattern. I need to get over to Ravelry and mark my other projects as hibernating as I already have plans for my next blank project. Instead of plain old socks I want to use a lace pattern next time so the brain is working over time thinking of what kind of color pattern will look best. These blanks have a way of taking over your life. Don't say I didn't warn you!

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