Thursday, July 17, 2008

Go. Knit.

Yesterday I took advantage of a day trip to Washington D.C. with hubby and put some mileage on my latest sock blank project. I am heading to the toe and things have seemed to have slowed down considerably. Although we live only an hour from the Nation's Capital, we rarely take the time to visit. The 90 degree weather with low humidity is unusually good for this time of year, so off we went on our big city adventure. The day began with a ride on the Metro. For about $8 you can get an all day pass which is a great deal for tourists as a single ticket anywhere to and from is about $7. First stop: Union Station. It is huge and full of great places to sit, knit and eat. Breakfast was a lemon danish and a macaroon at Au Bon Pain. We made a quick hop next door to the Postal Museum (hubby is a mailman) and then back on the Metro to sit a few moments near the fountain at Dupont Circle. Taking out the needles was a bit awkward there as the place was filled with extremely young, suited up interns. I managed a few stitches near the fountain and then it was off to the Mall to stand beneath the Monument and to take a quick dip in the gorgeous new fountains at the World War II Memorial. In spite of being armed with a huge popsicle, the walk to the Lincoln Memorial along the reflecting pool was brutal in the bright sun and we gave up and headed back to the shade at the Mall. Right before rush hour (to be avoided at all costs!) we jumped back on the Metro for the trip home where I kept myself busy on the 30 minute ride to our station by tinking back to fix a mistake. This morning I tried on one of the socks and goodness me....the thing had not grown and inch. I have managed to fly right into the Bermuda Triangle of knitting with this thing. The blank is getting so much smaller but the sock is not getting any bigger. Go figure.

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