Wednesday, July 23, 2008

By the Pound

My poor spinning wheel is gathering dust this summer. Not because I don't want to be spinning but because I can't knit up the stuff I am making fast enough. I am still plowing through the April spinning of the hand dyed yarn I am using for the Morning Surf Scarf and at the same time working on a very raggedy looking Old Shale Shawl using what I consider my best lace weight which varies between the thickness of sport weight and sewing thread. It has just dawned on me that most projects take way less yarn than I am spinning so this morning I made the decision (insert drum roll here) to...spin... enough for an ENTIRE sweater. For me. I just bought 2 whole pounds of that blue faced leicester top you see in the corner from what I hope is a very nice someone off ebay. That was a pretty big investment and I took it into very serious consideration for all of 20 seconds before I pushed the BUY NOW button. Of course I have no idea if 2 pounds of the stuff will be enough for what I imagine will be something like a simple neck down raglan. One major drawback: it looks very white and I really wanted to not have to dye anything as my colors always end up looking rather clownish. Once I get those dye bottles out I go into some sort of color frenzy and end up with a work of art, but also something that is not exactly wearable in public. This time I am making a solemn vow to myself to be discreet in my handling of the dyeing operation and to not use any colors on this lovely fiber that the sheep itself might not approve of.

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