Thursday, July 31, 2008

Ravelympics 2008

It's official. After much debate I decided to submit an offering to the Ravelympic Committee. I totally avoided the Tour de Fleece but I am sorry to say Olympic Mania got the best of me and I entered the Mitten Medley event. The idea is that you begin your project on August 8th and must post a FO by the 24th. At 2 am I worked out a fair isle, Magic Loop, two at a time swatch of Lopi intended to represent the Olympic rings knitted on a 36 inch circ! Difficult, but not impossible. I will however be ordering a 40 inch needle ASAP but since I am not sure it will be here by the Opening Ceremony I thought it best to give it a try on the short needle before making a public commitment. The resulting ugly little swatchies look like yarn octopuses. It's going to be a real challenge keeping all those colors straight in such a small space. But since this is the Olympics I suppose it's not supposed to be easy. Happily the Winter Games are only 2 years away. If I am not done with these babies by this year's closing ceremony I know they will be done by then!

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  1. Good luck! Those mittens sound like a real challenge. I'm still debating weather or not to try.