Sunday, July 6, 2008

Knitting in Public

Knitting in Public Day has been the hot topic of conversation for weeks. Of course, I missed it. No matter. I have been knitting in public for years and years and years. In fact I rarely knit at home because there is just too much else to do there. KIP was my salvation from all the wait time that comes from having 3 active kids who seem to always been doing something in a freezing cold ice rink at 5 am. It was wonderful to sit in the stands with a thermos of hot coffee and a big pile of super warm Lopi on my lap attracting the attention of all the would be knitters in the crowd. In those days knitting was very simple and straight forward. No Magic Loops or complicated lace patterns in my bag of tricks, just lots of sweaters, socks and mittens knit in the round from thick wool for all my little future figure skating and hockey stars. This long holiday weekend I managed to rack up several "KIP" hours without even trying: hospital waiting room, golf course, car dealership, crab feast and many, many front porches and decks while celebrating the glorious fourth. I even managed to get in some spinning at a large family dinner. I did not manage however to get any knitting done during the fireworks display. Too damn dark.

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