Sunday, July 13, 2008

Midnight Madness

It's 12 am and I have just figured out how to make these cool mosaics using a site called Big Huge Labs. It works with Flickr to organize your photos into a block where you can show the progression of a project all at one time. It is perfect for demonstrating the steps of a knitting project like my crazy sock blank creations that are eating up all my free time this summer. This last pair of socks are near completion and I am itching to dye up another pair. I can't believe I just ordered $50.00 worth of stuff from Knit Picks yesterday and forgot to add another sock blank or two in the order. I suppose it is just as well as I still have 9 other projects that need finishing by summer's end. The return to school puts a damper on my desire to be productive in any manner. Sitting on the couch clicking the remote for a few hours then staggering off to bed is my major use of free time once fall descends. Too bad. The prime knitting months are wasted on me. I get my second wind with the frenzied holiday knitting that I have sworn to avoid this year. I do however have a basket of knitted dish cloths ready. Just in case.

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