Saturday, July 19, 2008

Hot Off the Needles

I catch a lot of stuff from my family about having so many projects going at once. I can't resist because the payoff is so wonderful. There is nothing like the rush of having a bunch of things all come off the needles within a few days. My finishing basket is now quite full of little lovelies to be completed and tucked away for colder days. That big red thing under the pile is my first handspun shawl that is too huge to be blocked anywhere in the house. It is now hanging off the dining room table where it will live until it dries. The little purple thing is my beaded Nano cozy that is now ready to accompany me on my daily walks. And for all those socks....well, the Magic Loop is just too good at churning them out. I admit that I am in total ML withdrawal this morning but determined not to begin anymore socks until a real need arises.

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