Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Done. Done. Done!

My two at one time-Magic Loop-knit from a sock blank socks are officially DONE. I couldn't be happier. They fit. The yarn itself is fantastically soft. The colors are not too clownish for wearing and BEST OF ALL they were both done at the SAME TIME. I am a die hard double point knitter who can knock out a pair of socks in no time. I have never had or could even imagine the dreaded "second sock" syndrome, so the two at one time craze never interested me in the least until the sock blank project came along. Since there was no way I was ever going to rewind all that yarn into two balls, I was forced to learn this 2fer technique. I am so glad I did. All said, I still won't discontinue my single sock knitting on double points as it is still much more portable. I tried doing the ML in public but it is way too fiddly for performance knitting. For sock blank knitting, however, there is no other way. I am also thrilled that I have so much of my blank leftover. I can't explain it, but I am very attached this little thing and was relieved to see that there would be enough of it left. Now what to do with it? I can assure you it will not be knitted up. We sock blank artists need to get our heads together and come up with some creative ways of using these things as they are. Pillows perhaps?

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