Monday, April 28, 2008

Poor Baby!

I had so much fun knitting this monstrosity all weekend. I took it with me everywhere I went. It was social knitting at its best- knitting and chatting about babies to be. However, there seems, for me at least, to be a direct correlation between how fun something is to knit and how successful the item turns out to be when finished. Poor ugly misshapen thing. I have sewn and re-sewn the side seams and all I get is a lumpy sausage roll arm. The sharp, stair step decreases under the arms left a very wavy seam to try to weave together. No imaginary grandbaby of mine should ever have to wear something so horrible. I used the mattress stitch and then I tried invisible seaming of all sorts. I suppose the one good thing about this project is I did learn a great deal about finishing techniques but most of all I learned to avoid having to use them at all costs! I think this poor thing may have to go to the frog pond even though it will break my heart. I have seen better patterns for a baby kimono that have a more square arm shaping or even arms that are knit in the round and after a proper period of mourning I may try again. Poor little thing.

1 comment:

  1. I'm sorry this komono didn't work out -- the yarn itself looks gorgeous! (I also think your dish cloth looks absolutely lovely...)