Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Lonely Hills

The lonely little house that resides to the right represents my state of mind when knitting. I found it about 6 years ago on a website that sells real estate in Scotland. It is only big enough for me, my spinning wheel and my stash. On the hills behind the house are sheep who are my only company while I click away with my needles by the big peat fire that warms my kettle for evening tea. In the far distance I can hear the barking of someone's sheep dog bringing the herds in for the night. Sigh. My dream of owning a home like this began many years ago after reading the wonderful series of books written in the 50's by Lillian Beckwith of her life in the Hebrides. Her solitary life in a cottage by the sea is fascinating in its simplicity. Whenever I am at my rope's end I pick up one of her books and join her for a walk on the moors.

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