Saturday, April 26, 2008

Ta Da!

Here it is. My $30 washrag. It is ugly but I had to have it. I had to make one not because I had the need for a pricey luxury cleaning item but because other people made them and I wanted to make one too. It was my first real scary knitting obsession fueled by Ravelry. I made comments on them, then messaged back and forth about them and then found myself completely obsessed over buying the $30 book that published the pattern. I then had to spend another $10 on the many balls of the neon bright cotton yarn to make mine the most beautiful one of all. I knitted away each night really enjoying the feeling of being a part of something special. I was sharing a spiritual connection to a world of dishrag knitters who have piles of these ugly suckers ready for whatever pot, pan or backside that needs a good scrubbing. Of course mine will never see the likes of a pot, pan or dirty backside. No way.

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