Friday, April 18, 2008

It Felt Like The End of the World

It was a horrible morning. The pile of yarn in between the needles is what is left of a week's worth of lace knitting on my Dainty Bess scarf. One miscount equaled many rows to be "unknit" one painful stitch at a time. The worse part is that I discovered the error just as I needed to leave for work so I spent the entire commute and the entire day agonizing over the evening correction that had to be made. I have made this scarf three times before so I was feeling pretty confidant with the pattern-too confident apparently and I was taught a good lesson about counting and recounting your stitch count. I also learned that when tinking back, stitch markers have an evil tendency to migrate around yarnovers so I probably tinked back more than I had to in order to locate a "clean" row to start up on again. All is well at the moment with Dainty Bess. I made myself knit up to the the place I discovered my original error and than added 2 more rows as punishment!

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