Sunday, April 6, 2008

How DO you finish a pi shawl?

I am at the end of knitting a billion and a half stitches on this big brown bag and now it is time to finish it off with an edging. I have TOO many choices. Gull stitch? Garter stitch border? Crocheted chain edging? Any of the hundreds of beautiful lace borders you can find in any lace pattern book? I have spent more time researching the border than I have knitting the body of the shawl. I wanted an authentic EZ pi shawl but after looking at all the beautiful adaptations I am not so sure anymore. This may be my one chance and I want to get it right. I made the plain version thinking I would end with a spectacular run of gull stitch but I am terrified of trying to keep track of ALL THOSE STITCHES. I am also fearful of the dreaded math calculations that will have to take place if I choose another knitted on border. I can't even imagine tinking 576 stitches when I get to the final round marker and discover I have made the inevitable miscalculation.

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