Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Oh Baby!

I was so relieved to discover this week that I am not insane or I should say alone in my insanity. Thanks to all you good people on Ravelry who posted message to me confessing that you too are knitting baby items for babies who do not exist, I am feeling less weird about the whole baby thing. We certainly are not going to deny ourselves the pleasure of knitting these tiny little scraps of cute just because we have no grandchildren at the moment. My mother was 16 when I was born so she lived long enough to see plenty of new little lives come and sadly go in our family. I was 30 when my daughter was born so it's not the ticking of my biological clock I am worried about but the knocking on the door of the grim reaper. At my age I should be babysitting on the weekends for my worn out kids who have survived another week of parenthood. However, my children have artfully avoided any type of personal entanglements- at least for the time being. I have hopes, however, of living to see the offspring of my offspring. This is the beginnings of my first handspun baby kimono. I plan to make three. For three certain 30ish individuals who better get busy while I am still young enough to hold my needles.

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