Sunday, May 4, 2008

Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival Breakdown

The first weekend in May, I always have a fiber meltdown in the middle of the Howard County Fairgrounds. Sensory overload. The sheepdog exhibition is the one place I am free of the pressures of having to buy things that will not end up as just more meaningless stash. There are miles and miles of vendors selling everything that a knitter and spinner could possibly want. It is a wonderland, a real magical kingdom of dreams and possibilities. Of course I want it all and have pockets full of cash, but it is physically impossible for me to decide what I really need to take home with me. Each year I follow the same pattern of behavior and end up bringing home the same old stuff from the same old vendors because I have to go on some weird fiber autopilot in order for me to even get in and out of all the exhibit halls without crying. It has become a family joke that I always end up spending more on pretzels and lemonade than on anything even remotely related to wool. In order to make peace with myself, I spent $20 at AC Moore's on dishcloth cotton on the way home and another $40 buying sock yarn from ebay this morning.
Each year there is a "theme" to what is being worn and displayed. Last year was the year of the felted bag. This year it was decidedly the year of the lace shawl-dainty triangles of airy lace that drape oh so prettily over the shoulders. They were everywhere. I have spent the morning planning mine. I may not spend much there again next year, but I plan on looking like I do.

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