Saturday, May 31, 2008

When Size Matters

I have been knitting this scarf FOREVER. At least a year. Maybe two. The future owner keeps trying it on and claiming it to be too short. Just how long does a scarf need to be to do it's job? I should mention that the owner in question is a man. I happen to believe that shorter scarves that are tucked into the coat look more manly on a guy than something that drapes down the front and the back but I am not winning this argument. When knitting a sweater for a man you can always count on the fact that the sleeves will never be long enough. If the thing does not resemble something that was knit for an orangutan it will have to be redone. Same for socks. Don't even bother measuring their feet. If the knitted fabric even brushes the tips of their toes they are too small. There is so much out there about women's issues with body image but nothing about the fact that most men believe they are bigger than they are. If you doubt it just knit something for one. You'll see.

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