Thursday, June 5, 2008

Show Off

I have been running around showing everyone my little purple lace wrap that I finally completed on Sunday after a year of TORTURE. In spite of all the nasty complications that always seem to pop up with lace, nothing feels better than seeing it blocked out on the kitchen table. Lace looks like the dog's breakfast while being knit up so you only really get to see it as you block it. It's like giving birth, you immediately forget all the pain and fall in love. I took it to work on 3 different days just to make sure I had the opportunity to show it to everyone who might be even remotely interested in a knitting project. I think people were starting to run from me yesterday. I am surprised at my utter shamelessness in parading my little beauty around as I am usually very hesitant to wear any of my hand knitted items to work for fear of attracting attention to the fact that I would much rather be knitting than working. I will hide in a quiet corner from time to time to put some mileage on a project that I just couldn't leave home. Another issue with workplace show and tell is that I don't usually enjoy the scrutiny that you get when people start to examine every detail of your creation like it was an item on a rack at a store. Most people just don't the fact that this thing is so much more than a just a garment.

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