Monday, June 23, 2008

Sitting and Knitting off a Blank

Knitting off the sock blank makes so much sense that I have no idea why yarn companies don't sell all their yarns this way all the time. Think of it-no more balls rolling around getting tangled up in everything. The cute little blank just lays there in your lap all comfy waiting for me to give a gentle tug to release the next rows worth of stitches. It is also much easier to pack and take along as a travel project as it takes up less room since it is flat. The best part of knitting off a patterned blank could be that it would you a better idea as to what it will look like when you finish knitting it up. Not all balls have samples made up for display and I have been very disappointed in the past when a self patterning yarn looked terrible after I spent a month turning into a pair of ugly socks. I do get some strange looks, however. I am constantly being asked why I am turning that pretty scarf into a pair of socks.

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