Monday, June 9, 2008

The Mother of Invention

I have been spinning this red roving for about a month now for a shawl I am in the process of knitting. I know the rule about spinning up all your wool before you start your project but I simply do not have the patience for that nonsense. Ignoring the dangers of such behavior, I always cast on as soon as the newly processed yarn is dry enough to knit. In order to hasten that process I discovered the use of my dust covered salad spinner. While purging my kitchen of useless clutter this morning I came upon this relic of the days when-gasp- lettuce did not come already cut up in a bag. I was about to toss it when another use came to mind. Voila, no more dripping red dye to scrub off the bathtub the day after a good thwacking has taken place. It worked great. Yes, I know I could have spun it in my wash machine, but I have a brand new white beauty that will NEVER see the likes of this stuff. The problem is however, that I now still have to store that thing, somewhere.

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