Tuesday, June 17, 2008


7950 that is how many stitches I had to rip back in order to fix a pucker problem in the 11th row of my Palette Fair Isle Cardigan. 330 stitches per round, 23 rounds in question. None of this could have been accomplished however, without first packing the whole thing away for a few months. This allowed the whole heated "issue" to cool off for a while. It's too bad more things in life can't be solved that way. It would be lovely to pack away unruly children or overwhelming debt until you were better able to deal with them. I just put the thing back in its box, sealed it shut and walked away from my monumental goof. It was actually a pleasure to take it back out and reknit the body back to it's original size, this time without the ugly pucker that came from neglecting to think about all those important strands that will pull across the back if you don't mind your tension. I knit with both hands each holding a separate strand of color and it is too easy to knit so quickly that things start to bunch up. No more speed knitting for me, not on this project at least. From now on, easy does it.

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