Friday, June 6, 2008

There is No Place Like Home

It was an afternoon of unusually severe thunderstorms and on my hour commute home I heard a radio report of a tornado that had just flattened my little town by the bay. The eye witness accounts were horrifying and I was stuck in rush hour traffic unable to reach my son who was at home during the storm. The now two hour trip home was agonizing as I inched my way home in bumper to bumper traffic while I imagined the worst. I was thankful to find my son and my home safe and sound. The yard was a mess but picking up a few branches was nothing to complain about when my neighbors were picking up their chimneys. On my heels was another severe storm system that continued to pound the Washington DC area for most of the night. Work was closed today due to the widespread power outages, so I sat on the deck with the news helicopters hovering overhead all day and cast on those socks my son has been asking me to knit. In spite of all my many works in progress I couldn't put these off any longer because you just never know.

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