Monday, May 26, 2008

A Big Sigh Of Relief

This is the lace shawl I began last year with my impulse buy from the 2007 Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. One hank of lavender hand dyed lace weight designer yarn is what I began this huge undertaking with and halfway through I panicked because I was sure that I would not have enough to finish. I packed up the project and left if hibernating all winter hoping I would find another hank of this stuff at the festival this year. Of course I did not. I knew that I wouldn't. It was just an excuse for avoiding my own stupidity. I am the type who never swatches and rarely thinks about gauge. Shame on me. After realizing I had no other option but frogging, I picked it up again and out of curiosity wanted to see just how far I could get. Now with only 20 very short rows of edging to go, I just may have enough to finish after all. Little balls of lace weight seem to go a very long way. It may not get it's crocheted edging on the short sides but I can live with that. It did serve as a good lesson about always buying more than you need. I will be wearing it to the festival next year as a reminder to think realistically about my purchases.

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