Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day to Me!

I woke up to find all these Mother's Day treats waiting for me on the kitchen island. My family knows me so well. I love cheap chocolate and dirty men. Whitman Samplers are a tradition in my family for any female oriented holiday. The chocolate is um....somewhat tasty but it is the box that is the real treasure. These little yellow cardboard boxes are perfect for holding everything from sewing notions to baby teeth and old report cards. This year my oldest son managed to find me a metal version that mercifully only holds a few samples of candy. I can't wait to tuck away all the little souvenirs of 2008 into this little beauty. The photo of Josh Holloway is going to join my collection of scruffy hero pix. He is going right alongside my shots of Viggo as Aragorn. In my world, Prince Charming is always in need of a bath and a haircut.

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