Monday, May 5, 2008

Two Little Cuties

I couldn't resist adding another post about the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival so I could add this photo. These two beautiful alpacas were standing there together so patiently. The poor things had to be sick and tired of people poking and prodding them but they remained very dignified and agreeable to all the curious onlookers, most of which had no idea what they were. Baby llamas? Maybe. It reminded me of one of my first grade students, who after showing the class a movie one afternoon about sheep, commented that he was surprised to see such "really big hamsters". I would have laughed except for the fact that I was the person that, who, for the last year had been in charge of this child's education. I was happy to see that there were about a million or more kids at the festival this year getting up close and personal with lots of big fuzzy critters that will hopefully never make that same mistake.

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