Tuesday, December 22, 2015

What I Came Home With

 Daughter discovered these cute little reindeers on the knit tree we saw yesterday at Homestead Gardens. She did an acrobatic act with The Mister to pull them off the top of the giant tree. I pretended I didn't know them. Now I wish I'd gotten a photo.

At first I resisted them but I am glad Daughter talked me into getting them . They look adorable on the tree. We both got a set.

Daughter always gets me a star for my tree and this is the 2015 addition to my collection. Pretty soon I'm going to have to get a third tree to hold all my treasures. No complaints there. I've got another corner and I saw lots of cute little sparkly trees at the garden center. Maybe next year.


  1. Adorable reindeer! I'm glad you have mementos for the day after showing us all the things you didn't buy!

  2. Those reindeer are adorable - well worth the effort!

  3. Oh I love those reindeer - they even have scarves!

    The star is lovely - it looks almost ethereal. (You can't have too many trees in my opinion.)

  4. Aww reindeer are always the best at Christmas. And Stars too.
    3 trees? Well why not

  5. Daughter had it right: Those reindeer are adorable!

  6. Excellent job on the reindeer. I highly approve they are really cute! I love stars and snowflake shaped decorations. I love that she picks one out for the collection every year. That's such a sweet tradition!