Saturday, December 19, 2015

Road Knitting

 Son's cardi has been mostly knit while I've been on the road. Things have been so crazy busy at home that the only quiet time I have these days is in the car.

 I live so far away from everything that I always have to allow lots of time to get anywhere and if there is no traffic I get some knitting time in the parking lot of wherever I ended up early.

It's been quite a juggling act with all the pieces going at once but I can say there has been progress made. Hopefully this week things will be calm enough to get this thing finished. Skating show rehearsals are done. Soap is done. Giant gingerbread houses are done. I am looking forward to sitting and knitting and then sitting some more while watching all those Christmas movies gathering dust on the shelf. Yeah, baby.


  1. WOw you have made lots of progress! ALl that gray! Good for you. Now relax...and knit in peace

  2. The storm before the calm, huh? You'll have earned your free time!

  3. Love that sweater, and the way it's growing! Happy Christmas!