Sunday, December 13, 2015

Busy Hands, Empty Head

Have you seen this? I want one. When I go to visit Daddio, I pack a bag of markers and coloring books and we scribble away. It's very therapeutic. If Santa doesn't bring you one you can get it here.

Micheal's has a big display of the pricey adult coloring books and I am fascinated by them. If I ever have a lull in the insanity around here I'm getting one.

It was all I could do not to buy this one. I should have put it on my Christmas list.

This is also the one year anniversary of my little thumb accident and I am happy to report that it is almost completely back to normal. It took a full year but the nail has grown out enough that it finally looks like a regular old thumb with just the slightest dent in it. Speaking of a year, that's Daddio in the background. This time last year we were gallivanting all over creation getting ready for the holidays and this year he can barely hold a marker to scribble with me. What a difference a year makes. Sigh.


  1. It is so hard watching the "olders" lose some of their skills, taking with it some of their joy.

    But, I am glad to hear that your thumb is doing better. I can't believe you were able to knit with that splint on it. LOL

  2. You found some interesting books! It's really hard to watch parents age, isn't it? So glad your thumb is healed!

  3. I saw that book by Mason Dixon for knitters....I think a post-Christmas sale will be made for me! Yes, a post like this does make us sad but everything does crash forward, doesn't it?! You do a good job of keeping up.