Tuesday, December 1, 2015


Twelve months went by awfully fast.

 I managed to get this much done on November in only three sittings.

 The second half of the year is going to take a lot of work in 2016, I'm afraid. My interest didn't fade-my free time just disappeared.

I also have border to get to. As far as challenging myself in the coming year, I will see if I can get this end done before it's time to roll it back up to January again.

AND......there was a big surprise in the mail yesterday. Look who showed up! A knitting snowman from Chicago where I've heard they have plenty of snow to share.

The cute little thing came with a skein of Stroll in a colorway I've always wanted. Both surprises were from the awesome kathy b. I do believe she made that snowman and if that's true I'm hoping she does a tutorial someday. He/she is crazy cute.
Thanks so much, Kathy!


  1. The little snow person from Kathy is adorable!

    At the beginning of each week I consider how much knitting/stitching time I will have. Reality is always a whole lot less. LOL

  2. Oh, my, that is adorable! What a sweet gift.

  3. You've made way more progress on your stitching than I have; mine's just sitting on the table making me feel guilty. You're right, Kathy B. is a sweetie.

  4. Your stitching does look really nice, even if you wish you could have spent more time on it. Better to have it look good instead of slapdash.

    What a lovely gift in the mail! It's so much fun to open packages, especially when it's not something you ordered and know what to expect. Kathy B seems like she is a person who loves to spread joy and make people smile. Those are the best friends to have!

  5. Aww you give me much to much credit!! I purchased the cute snow man at our local holiday fair and had them personalize it. So happy you like the prize yarn!

  6. Free time, shmee time. I'm impressed you got as much done on that pattern as you have!

    Kathy B. is pretty fantabulous, just like you. It's a sweet gift from a sweet lady to another sweet lady. Happy Knitting to you both, indeed.

  7. You get so much done you have nothing to reprimand yourself over!!!! The yarn will be wonderful worked into a pair of socks and your snowman will encourage you every time you look his way!

  8. I've really enjoyed watching your stitching progress and look forward to seeing updates next year. You make me want to pick up my stitching again. Love the little snowman and pretty yarn.